Which retirement option is best suited for you?

November 14th, 2019

By Amy Friesen

Blog header imageWhich retirement option is best suited for you?

In the past, seniors would move into the first retirement home that had an opening for them. But those days are long gone.

Yes, there are still traditional facilities available—but today’s living options vary greatly from the past.

Whether you are looking at a retirement residenceindependent living facility or long-term nursing home, these places are now built with seniors’ specific health, recreation and social needs in mind.

In-law suites

More and more common these days are in-law suites. These can be either second independent dwellings (like a mini bungalow) or an apartment within a home. Usually these properties are with one of the children. There are several benefits to both parties with this kind of arrangement, including:

  • The senior can live independently, knowing that someone is available if needed

  • Children get peace of mind, knowing they are close to their parents for when they need help

  • More time to spend with family and create memories

  • Privacy for both parties when needed

  • Cost savings, since it’s often less expensive to build an in-law suite than fees associated with living in a retirement home

What happens when it’s time to move?

There are so many options. So how do you know which one is best suited for you or your aging parent?

To narrow down your choices, here are some questions you will want to ask ahead of time:

  1. What is the current living situation and what do you see on the horizon? Things like health, schedule, trips planned, and family (like new grandchildren) should be considered.
  2. How many times do you want to move? Your health will change as you age. Do you want to find a facility that you can grow old in, or move from one home to the next as your health changes?
  3. What needs and wants are most important to you? Living close to family? Having a social environment, on-site care or meal options? Figure out what those are.
  4. What outside amenities need to be near you? For example, do you need to be close to your local shopping mall or church?
  5. What kind of budget do you have? There are different care levels and different room sizes that all come with different prices. Figure out what you are able to afford.

At The Local Senior , figuring out what kind of care you need is what we do best. Make sure to take our questionnaire to figure out the care level you currently need, and our walk score to figure where outside amenities are located.

Group of seniors smiling after using the local senior

Amy Friesen

Founder, CEO of Tea and Toast

A retirement living expert, with a speciality in retirement residences, Amy has worked in the industry for the last 16 years. Currently Founder of Tea & Toast, Amy and her team have moved over 1000 seniors in the Ottawa area.